I am a Tech Enthusiast, Android App Developer, and a Blogger. I have been working in the programming field for the past 3 years and gained a lot of knowledge about how things work and function. Through Optimistic Coder, I will Provide you with the latest programming knowledge and tips and tricks to give you a better understanding of how things work and what to choose for learning any language or development at a faster pace. I have a keen knowledge of the Programming World.

No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.

Through Optimistic Coder, I will share with you the most Useful Tips and Tricks you can use in any Programming Languages which will make your coding and programming life easier. Optimistic Coder will also impart knowledge on topics like development, designing, various Text Editors & IDEs, Programming examples. I have divided various posts into different segments and each segment plays an important part in learning. So, these Categories or segments are:-


In this segment, I will majorly talk about various programming languages, their features, their pros, and cons, how to learn that specific language, and much more. As we all know there are many programming languages in this world and many more are launching with day by day. So, this segment will completely be based upon all the facts and knowledge of programming languages present in the world and will help you choose the one which is beneficial for you.


In this segment, I will primarily mention all the tips, tricks, knowledgeable information about various types of development in this programming world. Development is very important after learning any programming language, As I have learned a lot of things in this programming world. I will share all those secrets and knowledgable facts with you regarding various types of development.

Text Editors & IDEs

In this segment, I will mention various Text Editors & IDEs which are very essential for learning any language. But choosing any Text Editor or IDE for any specific language is very difficult. So, I will provide various Text Editors & IDEs descriptions along with their features, pros, and cons and help you in choosing which one is best for you.


In this segment, I will mention all the tools used in the designing world. You will be surprised to hear that designing is also a key component of learning any programming language because in the end you have to choose any development related to your preferred programming language, and development with any designing is like bread without butter. I will help you out in choosing the right designing tool for you to compete with other designers.


In this segment, I will provide answers to the programming problems upon which students usually stumbles. I will help you build your mindset about how to solve any given problem, this will prepare you for any interview questions related to programming. Visualizing and practicing any programming question really helps in a problem-solving mindset. Keep learning

Consume the knowledge imparted by our website and be updated with the programming languages, development, examples, text editors & IDEs, and designing posts to compete in this fast-paced generation. I hope you find my content knowledgeable and adds some value to your life. Please share this website with your friends and families and help me with imparting knowledge to more and more people. Always Keep Learning new Things !!! Thank You